Cost of a Nose Job in Michigan vs the Risks

Rhinoplasty Cost in Michigan and the Risks it Carries

Nose job or rhinoplasty is probably the most complicated cosmetic procedure and one of the costliest. And, despite the costs and the risks hundreds of thousands of people flock to plastic surgeons’ offices to have the procedure done.

Don’t let this puzzle you. When performed properly, rhinoplasty can have a tremendous effect on how you look. However, when the results are shy from perfect, it can leave you with a big dent in your pocket and in some cases a big hit to your self esteem.

If you’re looking for the best surgeon of rhinoplasty in Michigan then this article should help you find the best nose job doctor.

Before I go any further let’s take a look at how much rhinoplasty costs and the risks associated with it.

Rhinoplasty Risks:

  • Just like with any other surgery there are risks to anesthesia, bleeding (hematoma) and infection.
  • Some patients could experience poor would healing or scarring.
  • It’s not common but in some cases there could be changes in skin sensation (numbness or pain).
  • Nasal septal perforation (a hole in the nasal septum) is uncommon but it’s possible.
  • You wouldn’t thin one would have difficulty breathing after surgery but it could happen.
  • Discoloration of skin: Improper care by the patient after surgery and exposure to sunlight without proper sunscreen can contribute to this side effect.
  • Unsatisfactory nasal appearance. This side effect is permanent and could be avoided if you choose a highly qualified rhinoplasty surgeon and have realistic expectations. Even if you do everything you’re supposed to do and pick the top nose job surgeon in Michigan it’s no guarantee that you will be 100% happy with the outcome of your nose job surgery.

Rhinoplasty Costs

According to the average cost for a nose job is about $4,500. Expect to pay anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000 or more depending on the surgeon’s experience and where the surgeon is located.